Cost of commercial plugins


I don’t have my Mod yet (waiting on the X) but I’d like to know which plugins are commercial, what they cost and which are free.

The plugin gallery ( doesn’t appear to give this information.


Currently, I would say that commercial plugins are only a handful while the free ones are a bit less than 200. The commercial ones are like 10€/20€.

And what you can do with the free ones is already incredible.


Thanks. That’s good to know.

I do find it a bit odd that this information is hidden from people who don’t already own a Mod Duo.


Is it really ?

A lot of things about the Duo are there, available, but not necessarily easy to find. And I would not blame that on a malicious desire to hide something but rather on not always optimal communication.

You did the right thing : hit the forum anytime you’ve got a question. The community here is great and it is also probably the best way to ask questions to the Mod team directly.


Not suggesting anything malicious from Mod, just poor communication.

How hard would it be to add basic metadata to the plugin gallery to include cost?


I have no idea.


Properly showing different currencies might be an issue?


Surely they’ve already solved that inside the plugin store?

Anyway, I don’t mean to labour the point. I was curious as to the cost of the commercial plugins and thought it was strange that this information is nowhere to be found on the website, when it seems like it should be part of the basic metadata in the plugin gallery.

It’s poor communication like this and the relative scarcity of examples of how the mod duo sounds that make ordering one feel like a risk rather than a sure thing.

However i’m looking forward to receiving my X soon and I hope it lives up to my expectations.


Regarding sound samples, I suppose you already have been through the pedalboards gallery.

There are also a number of very nice demos on Youtube.

One of my favourites is here

This channel has a number of other super cool Duo demos (one is focussed on the bass)