CPU upgrade?


curious if there’s any path towards upgrading the CPU in the DUO… given that it’s basically a computer, and that processing power is rapidly on the increase.

are there any thoughts along the lines of swapping the CPU or motherboard? or will it only be possible by purchasing a new unit?

…and is something like this even in the pipeline at all, at this point?

Pedalboard Power and the Mod Duo

The quick answers would be:
not sure;

We’ve got a lot on our plates right now in the development side of things and this is one of them.


If I am correct, the “computer” part of the circuitry is attached via slot that looks like those used to attach RAM sticks in a laptop. So one could surely at least just replace that bit without having to replace all the rest.


nice… i’m frequently pushing my CPU usage, and generally need to run with a 256 sample buffer. so, while i’m not particularly impatient about this issue, i’m happy to know that it’s likely to have a reasonable solution ~someday~… :smiley:


gian also signaled months ago that there will be an upgrade in the future. I’m also looking forward to it. But i have to say, since it’s possible to change the buffer to 256 it’s not the pressing issue i thought it would be.
As far as i understand an upgraded ARM board is needed (to put in the “RAM” slot) but the company who develops the MOD arm board with the allwinner cpu only has this board to offer. Didn’t find any with faster allwinner cpus on it. Shouldn’t be a problem, though, if demand is here.
I also remember, it’s not only an hardware issue, the MOD soft-/firm(?)ware also has to be altered.