CPU upgrade?

I just saw the email about the dwarf kickstarter opening soon. Any action needed on the part of us modduo owners who want to get in on the ‘upgrade’ discount offer?


… same question here… the email was unclear about whether that offer IS the CPU upgrade offer…



I saw the early bird pricing email went out; will there be a message announcing the upgrade price for Mod Duo Kickstarter backers purchasing the Dwarf?

To you guys asking about the upgrade pricing, I talked with Gianfranco at NAMM and he gave me and approximation of what the price may be, but I don’t want to share it in case it’s something he would like to email us separately about. When he told me, I have it in my head that I hugged him, but I don’t remember if I did. But that’s what I felt like doing, haha. Anyway, all I should probably say is that it’s a steep discount on the Mod Duo price :smile:

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I’m wondering this too. Do I as a Mod Duo owner need to do anything to get in on the “deal” as it were?

Hi everyone

The time is coming :wink:

We have discussed internally how to proceed with the upgrade and I am here to present the solution we came up with after our cost analysis.

The reference prices for the upgrade are the following:

  • 165€ for EU customers (VAT included)

  • U$165 for non-EU customers

From a practical standpoint, the easiest way would be to simply create a pledge for the upgrade in the MOD Dwarf campaign. That was our initial idea. But that is not the best solution as it would generate a lot of confusion and noise for the backers that are not part of the MOD community yet. To make it worse, since Kickstarter does not provide means to differentiate pricing for customers from different areas, all the taxes have to be treated internally afterward. This generates extra complexity regarding the application of VAT.

All that being said, we’re internalizing the procedure and, from a Kickstarter standpoint, those wishing for the upgrade will pledge as everyone else. Once the campaign is funded, we will refund the price difference to the backers that are doing the upgrade.

The 10% on top of our original price forecast is because between the Kickstarter commission and payment system fees there is a 10% overhead. We will absorb these costs on the refunded portion though and give you the full gross difference.

The shipping costs will not be part of the refund calculations and will be kept as is.

To speed things up, I kindly ask you to send us an email at:


and provide us the following information:

  • Your name
  • The serial number of your device(s) (you’re entitled to one upgrade per device, either Duo or Duo X, you own)
  • Purchase information (Kickstarter pledge #, Shopify Order #, retailer receipt)
  • Paypal account to receive the refund.

We will check the information and reply with an OK or if we need more information.

When you have your pledge done, you’ll reply to our email informing your Dwarf pledge number.

In this way we will have everything ready when the time comes.

Looking forward to your emails :wink:

Best regards

[EDIT from March 11th, 2020]
We’re putting in place a rebate campaign to make use of the Duo upgrade, If you’re considering purchasing a Duo to make use of the Upgrade deal, please visit the page https://www.moddevices.com/moddwarfrebate

For any Duo purchase done from March 11th onwards, the Upgrade deal offered here is not valid and the terms disclosed in the Rebate page will apply.

[EDIT from April 15th, 2020]
With the successful closing of our Kickstarter campaign (yay!!!) , we’re now proceeding with a follow-up campaign at Indiegogo. This is not a goal-driven campaign as the product is already funded, but an InDemand mode with pre-sales open until July/2020.

Both the upgrade and rebate offers still apply, but with some slight modifications.

For existing owners of the Duo/Duo X, we will charge 175€ / 160€ (EU / Non-EU) + shipping.

For recent buyers (from March 11th onwards) of the Duo/Duo X, we will charge 185€ / 170€ + shipping.

If you’re a Duo/DuoX owner and want to apply for the deal, send an email to upgrademyduo@moddevices.com with your device info.

If you’ve purchased a Duo/DuoX after March 11th, please send an email to moddwarfrebate@moddevices.com with your purchase info.

We will reply with the links to your Indiegogo perk.


Hey Gianfranco - thanks for the post - it’s so great to hear how thoroughly you’ve worked through this issue :facepunch:t2::+1:t2: - I’ll get that email sorted ASAP :sunglasses:


Can someone hand me a link to the kickstarter campaign page, please?

Greetings and God bless, Marius

It’s not open yet. They said early next week.


As soon as it is open we will surely post it here :wink:

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I know it may sound a silly question, but how will you treat UK customers ? As EU or non-EU members ?

That’s a very good question @Azza

Shall we ask Boris? :smiley:

Jokes apart UK should be considered EU because VAT rules will still apply till the end of 2020


Thanks for this !

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Hi everyone

A quick heads up.

The Dwarf campaign will be live today at 2PM (CET).

Here’s the link:



The Kickstarter MOD DWARF campaign is about to start but what about the “very special pledge” supposed to compensate the CPU upgrade of MOD DUO X ???

We explain the mechanism in this same thread 4 days ago.

There will be no actual pledge on Kickstarter, but actually a refund scheme.

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Hey, thanks for offering this option - it’s a really generous way of providing an upgrade.
I have a quick question though - I bought my DUO second hand a while back. Am I still able to get the upgrade? :crossed_fingers:

in principle yes

please send us an email at upgrademyduo@moddevices.com with the info I requested earlier in this post

Very clear and simple. Thanks Gianfranco!

Only a couple of hours and the kickstarter is already 75% of the way funded, congrats!


Has anyone had a reply to their emails yet?