CPU usages jumps on its own


I’ve seen this happen quite a bit on my set up.

I have a pedalboard that uses under 70 or 80%. No issues with CPU usage.
Randomly I see the CPU meter jump to 100% and I hear the pop.
Sometimes when playing I hear the pop and look at my GUI and see the meter at 100% and go back down.

I’m almost always playing with the GUI open so I don’t know if this would happen if disconnected from my computer. However, when I do recordings, I want to keep it connected so that I have access to all the settings for changes needed.

Is this a known issue?


I’ve had this happen on one of my patches - more noticeably when connected to the GUI (It’s so slow on my system that I never play with it open) but also occasionally outside of that… I’ve always wondered if it’s the complexity of what I’m putting through it that’s making it work harder at certain points! Maybe I should test that theory in a more scientific way! :slight_smile:


A few of us noticed this around the time of the 1.6 release: Release 1.6.0


I zero’d out the XRUN counter and left my Duo running connected to the browser for 2 hours and had 11 XRUNS. Comes out to about one every 10 minutes.

I zero’d it out and pulled the USB cable from my Duo and let it run for two hours. When I plugged it back and pulled up the GUI there were 2 XRUNs counted. So there seems to be a correlation with the use of the GUI but still happening without it.


I did a test with no Beta plugins and it still did it…