Creating scenes

Is it possible to create scenes? For example have a clean amp with chorus and be able to switch to an overdrive amp with phaser by hitting 1 button?

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Yes, the Mod platform calls them Snapshots.

Here are some details about them MOD Web GUI User Guide - MOD Wiki

Hopefully just knowing they are called Snapshots will help searching here and in the Wiki :slight_smile:


Like said Danmh, they called it snapshot.
You can assign snapshot bank to a knob or a group of 2 footswitch to bank up or down.
It works great and instantly.
If you use more than one amp simulator and routing capabilities that offers Mod Duo in a pedalboard you can even change your amp in a snap.
If think the Mod Duo is the only one to do that!
Have Fun.


I usually achieve this by creating multiple signal chains which I can switch with the SwitchBox Plugin (SwitchBox2 - MOD Devices) which I assign to a Button.