Custom guitar pot behaviour

Hi! This is a topic not relevant to MOD Devices. I’m sorry in advance if is not allowed.

I’m wondering if there is a volume pot for guitars that has a particular curve.

Let’s say the pot is able to turn from 0° to 360°, from 0% volume to 100% volume. I’d like a linear volume increase up to 25% from 0° to 300°, then 75% of remaining volume from 300° to 360°. Something like the red curve which resembles a power function…

I’m not talking about decibels which are expressed in a logarithmic scale, I’m talking about perceived volume.

In my searches I’ve found linear or logarithmic pots only.

Found this which is great explanation!

Basically, use a CTS 500k audio taper pot to mimic the graph above.

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