CV outputs help needed / CV plug ins help needed


I’m rather lost re. CV outputs of the Mod Duo X… I succeed using the headphone output as a CV output (after enabling it in the system settings of the device). But when I want to use a second CV output, no success ! Which output is the physical CV output on the device ???

Another CV question on Mod Duo X… Many of my CV plug ins appear without any input nor output when I place them on the constructor interface… Any idea why ?

the output is “stereo”, so left “channel” is cv 1, right “channel” is cv 2.
watch out and dont connect a mono jack in there, or else it will short-circuit.

Yes, because CV in LV2 is not well defined so we had to add something on top.
Only ports marked with mod:CVPort will show up on the pedalboard constructor.
and some examples at lv2-data-creative-commons/mod-cv-clock.ttl at master · moddevices/lv2-data-creative-commons · GitHub

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OK… Then if I understand well re. CV outputs :I have to plug a stereo TRS in the headphone output. This stereo TRS must have 2 mono TRS at the other end of the cable… Is that right ?

And re. second answer, it is far too technical for me… To keep things simple, should I get rid of these plug ins or is there something I must do to be able to use them ?

yes. anything that splits L & R channels should work.

There is a way to force their CV ports to show up, but since the set of released/published plugins expects full CV range and the unstable/beta do not, it is just not safe to mix them.
Unless you want to do development with them, it is best to remove them.

Thank you :blush:

By the way, I never read anywhere that I should not plug a mono TRS in the CV output so I did it… I hope I did not damaged my Duo X… Where are these infos written ?

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Mono is TS, there is no R (Tip-Ring-Sleeve).

Hopefully, you didn’t. But the info is on the wiki tech specs for the DuoX

Sorry, this cable doesn’t seem to work and it splits the two CV outputs :frowning:

sorry but should be a little clearer at least for euro users. I use this mono cable in both CV input and CV output, so could I short-circuit the device?

at least in the wiki it does not say that you can damage the device

this will short circuit once you enable output cv mode yes.

the previous cable looks the correct one.
you do need to enter device settings and enable the relevant cv options though.
the cv-out/headphone is by default in headphone mode.

i think i did, where can i tell if i did any damage? Can I use this too as a single CV output?

I think we should put an alert on the WIKI, many modular users will start using the mono cable not knowing that the device can be damaged

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typically the system would detect this and cancel out, but that is only a failsafe in software that is not 100% guaranteed. or something like that, @Jan knows more details.

the cable you have should work if you connect a single jack yes.
left channel is port/cable 1, right channel is port/cable 2.

should be easy to check with the control to cv plugin on the pedalboard/software side, and a multimeter on the physical side.


The Y splitter cable work only for cv playback 1.
plus this cable is impossible to find in europe.

I use these cables and both CV channels work.

You need a 6.3mm (TRS) to 3.5mm (TS) stereo breakout cable.

Harpoon Cables was the only place I found the cable I needed. I imagine there are other manufacturers that make this same one.

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thanks, i looked for something in europe but i just can’t find it

It was a hard cable to find haha

I’m confused as to why your splitter doesn’t work, in theory it should work the same as my cable.

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that’s what I’m trying to understand too:

What does your board look like?

When I first plugged in on my MDX, I didn’t route my board properly and was using a single gate to trigger both envelopes rather than the 2 gates I meant to use.

I’m wondering if maybe there is something going on with your CV chain

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