DC Coupled Ins and Outs?


Are the analog outputs and inputs DC Coupled? I’m thinking it could be interesting to write a plugin with a CV output or input.

MOTU has a guide for testing and I have test equipment so I’ll get around to this but thought I’d ask here first.


I hooked up a multimeter to the output, turned up the gain to 100% and attached a synth generator. I couldn’t get a reading above zero.

There’s a chance my cable might not be correct. It’s a TRS 1/4" to TS 1/8". I used the same cable on my desktop system with a MOTU interface which is capable of outputting CV, so technically I can make a plugin on there and perhaps future hardware revs of the duo could work.


There are capacitors on the in and output of the DUO. A DC signal would not pass through.