Desperately seeking distortion

Hello Everyone!

I’ve been using my Mod Duo for a few weeks now that João helped me through a dead footswitch issue. I’m loving some of these plug ins. I am, however, finding it incredibly difficult to find a solid distortion. I’ve been trying all manner of the classic emulators and even some of the head simulators but can’t find one that either offers a creamy distortion. Right now I’ve gone back to using the DS1 emulator but it’s compression is tough on the ears.

Right now, I"m running a Jazzmaster with Novak PUPs into a Deluxe Reverb, which with my analog pedals, sounds pretty good (I use a DOD 202 and a TS and recently added the Friedman OD, which kind of blows my mind). Anyone find a good combo of pedals in the mod that doesn’t sound harsh in the mid-highs or compressed?

BTW, much respect to the develops of these Plug Ins.

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Hi @dbiddle, happy that your footswitch is up and running :slight_smile:
Regarding your question, you have a setup quite bright as far as I know (Jazzmaster tends to have a lot mid/highs).
I would try to use a tiny gain before the distortion and experiment with the input level before the distortion to understand which works better. The plugins have different developers so they drive them differently. Your issue sounds like the distortions are being drive too much and sounds too compressed.
Another option could be also trying some EQ plugin (or just a lowpass filter). I would experiment first after the distortion, but if that doesn’t make you happy try also before.

Let me know the results of your attempts

João :grin:


My absolute favourite distortion at the moment is the Supersonic preamp with the gain up full. It’s super-low gain already so that’s still very dynamic. I always run it with the vintage cab sim, most recently on the Peavey 4x10 I think…


My long-time favourite is the GxBoobTube. I often use it just as is or in line with the Veja Onyx. Plenty of different tones to be had.


I’m also finding it hard to get a really good “heavy” sound. I have some pretty sweet tones that I am happy with, but whenever I’m looking for heavier distortion I struggle…


Of course, tastes differ, but what I do for distortion that goes to eleven, is put pedals in series. That’s expensive and a bit work to pull off on a physical pedalboard but on a MOD device it is really easy. Have you tried this already?


I’ve been putting plug-ins in parallel, and then mixing them back in to taste.


I got my dwarf recently so I haven’t experimented much, but I wasn’t fully happy with what I managed to achieve using 1/2 distortion pedals + onyx + modern cab. It’s either too fizzy or not distorted enough.

If anyone figured something they’re happy with sharing would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Also the abgate noisegate has an annoying delay before it kicks which doesn’t help. Is that configurable somehow?

you mean the attack? there are extra controls on the settings, reducing the attack time should reduce how long it takes to make effect.
but perhaps you mean something else entirely…

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Thanks for the tip, I didn’t know about those settings there. I think decay is the parameter that was annoying me.

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