Device LCD interface repository

Out of curiosity I was browsing the repositories of the Mod softwares and I noticed (if I’m not mistaken) that there’s no public repository for the onboard device control interface.

Am I right or did I miss it? Is it closed source? and if so, why?

The HMI, or Human Machine Interface as it is called, is indeed closed, because this more or less defines the entire physical UX. It is the only bit that MOD actually has to sell as a product. We can only hope that some parts may open up in the future, but for now I’m happy to have 99% of the stack be FOSS.

There have been requests to be able to add custom widgets or interactions from the plugin. I believe some ideas for extending this are being considered. But the firmware of the HMI devices themselves are unlikely to go FOSS.

Maybe just for the DUO? (since they are no longer being made, right to repair and all)


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