Digitech Whammy Ricochette

A digitech Whammy ricochette with up to 7 second of rise and fall time.
Lucasz ask it, Mod Devices have done it!

Footswitch assignation.
Footswitch 1: you have Momentary footswitch that switch on “control to CV” module for momentary whammy, don’t forget to set momentary on in control to cv parameter

Footswitch 2 : Latch mode that just switch on the other control to cv module that is set in latch mode
Footswitch 3 : It just power on or off the whammy.



Thanks for sharing it with the community @Julien :slight_smile:
I’ve been following your conversation and share of knowledge with @Lukasz and I’m really happy with it :slight_smile: It’s really nice to see you guys helping each other and exchanging ideas and leaving it all open for the community :slight_smile: Thanks a lot!


That’s the principle of open source gear.
Thanks to Mod Team