Dislocated Screenglass

Hi all,

Some time ago I recognised that the left Screenglass of my Mod Duo is not in plane with the chasis as the right one is. I didn’t much care about this because I thought it’s a minor cosmetic issue, but now it seems that the glass is touching the screen, thus not giving the protection it should.

Is that something, that could be done by myself, or should I send it to Mod Devices for repairs?

Has someone experience with opening a Mod Duo? Are there instructebles of how to do it?

Thanks for the help!

Didn’t the plastic protection get inside somehow?
If yes, it needs to be replaced

Yes I think it did… I don’t think it’s broken though… Just out of place, so I thought maybe I can somehow bring it back in place by myself.

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Hi @roughael, I exported an assembly guide that we used to produce the Duo in the past as a .pdf and attached it to this message. I believe it will contain all the information you need to fix it :slight_smile:

Duo 2019 Full Assembly Guide.pdf (3.7 MB)

Little sidenote: As the Duo was in production for quite some years, not all Duo units were made following this exact guide. You may encounter small differences between your personal Duo, and the steps described in this document.


Thanks a lot! I’ll have a look at it and then decide if I send it to support for repairs or do it myself.