DISTRHO - Cardinal

I haven’t tried it yet as I’m still waiting for my Dwarf to the sent. One day.

But this looks amazing. Great work on attempting such a thing. I’m a guitarist/bassist but also a heavy modular user so very curious on the development of this. Nice work!


welcome also here Ritchie :relaxed:


Well fancy meeting you here. :upside_down_face:


Hi! I had some time today and now it works. Both with Duo and MDX. This is huge! Already had so much fun! Big ups to FalkTX!


That’s an amazing module. Thanks so much for making it available. Since I use the ModDuoX as part of a synth setup, I would really need to be able to assign midi channel on the Host Midi module. I would like to sequence more than one synth with the Rack sequencers.


just right click and select a channel then.


Wow! I didn’t see it!! Thanks a lot Filipe !!!


Sorry if I ask you the question again, so if I were to use CARDINAL with Plateau reverb and wanted to map dry / wet to MOD DUO I couldn’t get it right? Can I currently use Cardinal’s CV / LFO sequencers but without the MOD control?

You can use “host params” to have plugin parameters control stuff inside the Rack.
Eventually I want to have a module that directly controls parameters from the plugin-exposed side, maybe in April…

Let me try to demonstrate this with a shared pedalboard…


Here you go.
With this pedalboard the parameter 1 controls “dry”, and parameter 2 controls “wet”.
I mapped these in a Dwarf, so not sure if the addressings will apply nicely on a Duo, but you can readdress these controls as usual anyway.

EDIT: actually something seems wrong with the upload…


I know so, it does not load… :relaxed:

I updated the link, this new one works.
Seems there is something wrong with the build I was using, but good thing to notice since it was the coming-soon 1.12, seems it has a regression…

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Unfortunately it doesn’t work, I still haven’t been able to figure out how to map the dry / wet :frowning:

Then you have to tell me in more exact terms what doesnt work.
I made that new PB on a duox, and loaded it on a dwarf. dry and wet controls as seen on the device assignments work as we expect.

Is your MOD up to date? Cardinal requires 1.11.2 or higher

It works, I don’t understand if I have to use the module on CARDINAL host midi, and which output

This is how I have things setup for that patch.


all clear, thanks :slight_smile: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I made this simple patch with Cardinal and MI Elements. I originally had a cardinal clock generator installed but it didn’t work. Does not issue triggers once deployed. The thing is, it doesn’t even seem to work with an external clock. I also include the patch cardinal as follows. Can you help me understand how to sequence Elements autonomously on MOD DUO X?

here the cardinal patch

My idea would be to use patches in live with their internal clock generator or to use the midi signal coming from BSP Pro on the Midi In of the mod duo. In short, anything that can emit clock on the gate IN of Mutable Instruments Elements.

At the moment there is a normal MIDI Host inside the patch that should recover the external clock but it does not go in this way or with other Cardinal internal clock generators

I also tried an internal Step Seq 8x8 sequencer that works but as soon as I load another pedal and reload it doesn’t work anymore


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For the Host Time module to emit clock signals you have to turn on the transport inside MOD.

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It works until I save I go out and recharge the pedal board. After shutdown it no longer works. I also mapped the play control of the transport to a button but nothing, what am I wrong?