DubDelay problem

Hi guys, yesterday I turned on the dwarf pedalboard for the band rehearsal and I noticed that the DubDelay pedal has changed it’s parameters to default (?) in every pedalboard for no reason apparently.

I use this pedal for a stereo doubling effect and it’s placed in almost every pedalboard I’ve made. Now I have to adjust te parameters and re-save all the pedalboard and all the snapshot :scream:
I use the dwarf everyday so I don’t know what happened the day before was fine.

What could have happened?
Have I touched something wrong?
Maybe is the tempo sync?

If you know something let me know because i don’t want this to happen again, thanks :v:


Likely related to Plugin Updates (Official Store) - Feed - #25 by falkTX

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Ok I understand. Could this tipe of problems be avoided by baking up the device and restoring the backup after the plugin/firmware update?

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Yes, assuming you backup the plugins too.

That said, we very rarely push such incompatible changes.
The mda stuff was quite broken before, where not all units or ranges made sense. Sadly it is not possible to fix the plugin side and parameter ranges, without it affecting existing saved pedalboards.
Apologies for the trouble