Duo OS Version - Not much works

Hi !

Unfortunately, since I’ve made the upgrade :

  • No sound at all when I load any of my previous pedal board (output leds do not flash)
  • No new audio wire connection allowed to the output : when I pull a new wire to the output, the output can’t catch it.
  • No new pedal board possible…

what works :

  • bypass 1 and 2
  • wire connection to plugins inputs (sound and midi from hardware inputs are received)
  • wire connections between plugins

Hope you can do something to help… :slight_smile:


that seems like a caching issue…
so you can try in your browser “private mode” as a test, or simply a different browser.

but you are running the old/legacy kernel, would be great to update for the new and better one.
See https://wiki.moddevices.com/wiki/Troubleshooting_Reinstall_Duo for instructions.

this link explains the situation https://www.moddevices.com/blog/the-mod-duo-is-still-evolving

Many thanks, I’m going to try this :slight_smile: