DUO plugins not using user settings

I’m using my DUO for live performances (or…I should say…I WILL be when there ARE live performances again :frowning: ) I’m having problems with my DUO NOT using my user settings. The plugins are saving the user settings but they’re not selected when I open up the info for the individual plugins. This seems to happen whenever I load a pedalboard and of course makes tailoring my personal sound impossible. I AM making sure I save the pedalboard setup. Anyone having this same issue?


you are looking into the plugin info or the plugin settings?
the distinction is crucial, because the info simply lists the range and default values.

Hi Filipe, thanks for your reply. Yes I’m looking in the settings. My user settings are there but not in-use.

Hi @Bruceboulie I’m not totally sure if I understand correctly your issue.
Do you mean that you tweak your settings according to your needs and when you load the pedalboard again, those settings are not there, even after saving it.?

I’m also interested, I have this issue too. With the effect rack that I built it’s not really bothering but I tried to set up a synth with some presets dialed in and all the presets get messed up even when just switching between screens. It basically makes it impossible to use the Mod duo x as an extra synth voice in my setup. I might be doing something wrong or maybe it’s a bug, either way I would be curious if anyone knows how to fix it

This might be weird to ask, but would help a lot if you could record a video somehow.
An image is worth more than 1000 words, video even more… just so we are not confusing each other.

Make sure that you are running latest up to date version, of course.

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One thing that might be worth checking is if you have snapshots enabled for that board, are you saving the settings as a snapshot before hitting save? Because if not, the Duo will recognise any adjustments as live interactions and default back to the snapshot settings when you reload.

This might not be the issue, but definitely worth eliminating from the inquiry :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the tips, I’ll try when I get to it, probably the snapshot would solve this, haven’t thought of that