Duo won't update / nor appear as new mass storage drive

Hey guys

Hope all of you are doing well - I hate to post another ‘this thing’s not working’ thread but I just wanted to throw this out there and see what any of you might think - in a nutshell I want to upgrade my Duo’s OS to 1.9 but it’s refusing to do it - I tried through the GUI and it just sat there with its white lights on for about 15 mins and then I just thought it was probably not going to do anything… so I went to do the manual install and the new mass storage drive failed to appear on my desktop…

I have a Dwarf on order so that will obviously run all the latest updates but I still want to use my Duo as a secondary unit with non bass stuff running through it - so I really would like to upgrade the OS at some point…

Any ideas / help most welcome - thanks

There are several methods to enter restore mode for updates. Odd that this is not working, but maybe worth trying them all? Worst case, we can do a full factory-reset of the unit.

Anyway, the methods for entering restore mode are:

  1. press&hold down the left knob and footswitch for 5 seconds while powering on the unit
  2. on a regular boot, use the device menu system->start upgrade
  3. on a regular boot, use the settings on the webgui and click the button “start update mode”

if all of them fail, we can still force entering restore mode by booting over FEL. though this is considered advanced and is for linux only (it is what we use for testing without breaking/overwriting anything on the duo units)
Download download.moddevices.com/releases/modduo/tools/boot-fel-restore-mainline-debug.tar.gz and run the “boot-fel-restore.sh” script inside.

If the advanced option is not really an option (understandably for most users), factory-reset steps are described in Troubleshooting Reinstall Duo - MOD Wiki

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Thanks for all these solutions - I did try numbers 1-3 and none worked - I’ll try again and also look at the troubleshooting wiki too - I don’t think I’m brave enough to do the FEL method…!

Thanks for the swift reply - I’ll let you know how I get on