DUO X and MIDI sync

so i’m curious… since the upcoming DUO X is specifically billed as having MIDI sync IN and OUT, are there improvements in sync-able capabilities?

i.e. if we’re now able to better operate in a BPM-synced environment with other players, what can we actually DO that’s meaningful in that environment? currently, there are very few MOD plugins which can utilize host BPM… Bollie is the only host-aware delay, and there’s no sync-able looper, so things seem somewhat compromised with respect to actually being able to use the new sync capabilities.

any thoughts about this, or plans to develop in this direction?

…and this is all just software, right? so it will it carry over into the MOD?

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Hi @plutek

There are a couple of plugins that will come out together with the Duo X (or following its launch).

And yes, this is all software and will also run inside the MOD Duo :wink:

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thanks, @gianfranco… that’s fantastic!

…waitingwaitingwaiting… :wink:


With the tempo division options, regular parameters can be slaved to the global tempo - either directly, or through a variation like half tempo, double tempo, etc.
So there is progress, our biggest issue right now is that we did not yet write exactly how to use the new features.
@jesse and @Leo_Germani are on it though.

Regarding the looper situation, we have something in the works.
A few “beta” plugins have also been released that can do looping while synced with the tempo.

PS: We found out the reason for Duo X DIN MIDI timing problems, fix coming in an update soon.