Duo X Blank Screens after Upgrade to Firmware 1.10


After upgrading to firmware v1.10, both screens on my DUO X are brightly lit, but blank. I didn’t note what version I upgraded from, but this is my first firmware update since early 2020.

The symptom persists through reboot. I have not tried changing screen brightness and contrast settings, because I am not sure how to do so without using the screens. There is checkbox on the “Advanced” tab of the MOD Settings web page to automatically restart the screen controller, but this doesn’t seem to affect the problem at all.

Aside from the display issue, the device appears to work correctly.

How to reproduce

Reciting this from memory because I don’t know how to go back and repeat the install:

  1. Power on device with old firmware and connect to laptop via USB.
  2. Open the device webpage in a browser on the laptop and note the “please upgrade firmware” prompt.
  3. Click through the upgrade prompt and wait for device to reboot.

Expected/suggested solution

I expected the screens to function normally.

Additional information

Here is what I see on the System Information tab of the web interface:


  • Buffer Size 256 Frames
  • Sample Rate: 48000.0 Hz
  • DSP Load 9.3%
  • Unit: MOD Duo X
  • Build Date: 2021 Aug 02 11:15:37
  • OS Version
  • Machine: aarch64
  • Release: 4.9.123-rt125-duox
  • Version: #5 SMP PREEMPT Mon Aug 2 11:12:56 UTC 2021

I’m accessing the DUO X from a Linux laptop using Ubuntu 20.04

Thanks so much for the help. I really love this device.

This looks as if the controller firmware failed to update.

Please do the following:

  1. boot up the device
  2. open web ui advanced settings
  3. in dangerous, reflash: type the word “REFLASH” in the linebox and press the Reflash button
  4. in dangerous, cleanup: tick the “Clear device settings”, type “DELETE” on the linebox to confirm and press the delete button

Thank you again. This resolved the issue. The screen remained blank during and after the reflash, then began functioning normally after I cleared device settings. I really appreciate the help.