Duo X channel 1 bleeds to channel 2

I was playing together with my girlfriend, she on guitar (1) and me on bass (2), each on our own input channel.

Then I added a big-muff to the bass chain and lo and behold -> it appears that the guitar is coming in on the input. Quite loud even :o

It is not as loud as on input 1, but I can clearly see from the LED next to the input that it’s receiving a signal. Bypass still works, so it must be after the relay.

Is this something faulty with my unit? is it the ADC? a software issue?
This kind of cross-bleed should not happen, right?

Initially I was testing a v1.10 build, but it also occurs on v1.9


Of course had to test the other way around, exactly the same result (softer and muffled compared to direct input, but very present signal bleed)

Hey @dreamer, that may be an annoying issue especially for the use case that you were trying top get done.
I would suggest you to get in touch on support@moddevices.com

Well this breaks the whole “2 separate processing chains” entirely, so it’s more than annoying imo.
Will write up an email to support on this.

Still wondering if I’m the only one experiencing this or if it’s a limitation of the design.


Only today found Mod Duo X input Bleed which describes the same issue I believe.
No reply from support yet :slight_smile:


You will get one, I assure you :wink:

Need to know if this is gonna be an issue on similar (same?) hardware in terms of inputs on the Dwarf. Nobody here has had to get answers on it previously?

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The Dwarf is an entirely new/different hardware design from the DuoX. Even a big part of the software has huge differences between both devices.
Besides that, as you probably know, we are running a beta test with the Dwarf what will help us pinpointing and fixing these types of issues at an early stage and hopefully not have them when the Dwarf production is in full steam.
Until now, I can tell you that there were no reports of this issue on the Dwarfs that we shipped.