Duo X S/PDIF output: Mini-TOSLINK? / Audio interfaces with TOSLINK input?


while I’m waiting for the S/PDIF output to work with v1.9.x release I’m wondering how I can connect that output to an audio interface. Concluding from the connector type and dimension I guess it’s a Mini-TOSLINK jack (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TOSLINK#Mini-TOSLINK). Is this correct?

Next question is, if you know audio interfaces featuring TOSLINK as well as analog input jacks at a reasonable price? So far I’ve just found S/PDIF audio interfaces with coaxial (cinch) connectors, so I would need to use a converter.

Thanks in advance.

It is not mini-toslink, it is coaxial. So a regular mini-jack to RCA cable usually does the trick to connect it to a soundcard or device that can do SPDIF over coaxial cables.

EDIT: Note that the SPDIF is output only, and it will mirror the main outputs.
You won’t magically get 2 extra outputs in your Duo X, sorry.


Thanks for your quick reply!
So I can probably use it with my old Lexicon Omega audio interface as soon as S/PDIF output works by succeeding firmware releases.

Have a good sunday.