[Duo X?] Sfizz crashing unit


Realised this was never posted on the forum but briefly mentioned with support regarding other issue.
I have several pedalboards and some are running sfizz and those will crash the unit at random (unit will just freeze and youll hear a grain of the sound just being output)

How to reproduce

Pretty much just run sfizz for a while and it will just enevitably cause the unit to crash. Not sure if Mod Duo X specific or not.

Expected/suggested solution

No idea, I have no clue

Additional information

  • release:

  • Operating system: Windows

  • System version: Windows 10

sfizz (as we have in the store) is a beta plugin so this is expected.

I have been working with the authors to get the plugin on the MOD platform, they are very welcome to the idea.
Currently we need to do some updates on our cloud infrastructure in order to support building the new version of sfizz (kinda same situation with ChowDSP stuff, we want to use a newer toolchain)

I can post a build for duox that works better before that reaches the store.


Alright, figured I may aswell mention as I havent heard anything, better safe then sorry :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
And thank you for build! Any tutorial on the wiki or something on how to install it?

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See Publishing Plugins - MOD Wiki

you can extract and run a little command to push it to the device, but on windows I am not sure how to best do that…


Thankfully I have a boyfriend with a Mac so I got it working, cheers!

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Well I got a little bug for you in that version, it completely ignores choke groups :sweat_smile:
(got a work around so I dont mind but again, petter to say something then nothing and it maybe being a headache for you later in the future)


Did you report this to sfizz authors? Are they aware of the issue?

I have reported it to them now