DuoX inherits plugin preset "stubs"?

i’m recreating some pedalboards from my Duo, on my DuoX. i’m just re-building them by hand, because i want to do some re-config along the way.

i’m confused by something i’m running into: plugins i’ve newly installed on the DuoX seem to magically have the presets i made over on the Duo, except they only have the names in the user list – those names don’t actually do anything, can’t be selected, can’t be saved over, and can’t be erased.

how did they get them?
where do they come from and where are they stored?

since they’re non-functional, they shouldn’t be there.


…after a re-boot, they disappeared.

i did, at one point earlier today, have the Duo and DuoX connected by a USB cable… does the DuoX auto-load some data from a Duo if they’re connected?

This is a problem with caching. You are using for both right?
We can safely cache plugin resources (they are the same for duo and duox), but not plugin presets and licensing state. I am working on this right now, literally. One of the last items before the final 1.8