DuoX knobs don't go to 10


Knobs 1-8 on my DuoX only go to about 9.76 or 9.77, even when the range is set 1-10.

How to reproduce

  1. assign a potentiometer knob to a parameter
  2. in Advanced, make sure the Range is set to 1-10
  3. observe that the value displayed on the DuoX screen, and in the GUI for the controlled parameter, only goes to between 9.757 and 9.77.

Expected/suggested solution

the potentiometer knob should execute a full value range from 0 to 10

Additional information

  • release: 1.10.0

  • controller: 09DBC77

  • Operating system: macOS

  • System version: Big Sur 11.4

Did you try to calibrate the knobs?
There is a device system menu entry dedicated to this.


oops… sorry for the noise!

yes, that solved the problem.
i didn’t know about that possibility.

thankyou! :+1: