Dwarf arriving tomorrow!

Just got an email from UPS! It’ll be here tomorrow!


Awesome! Please share your first experiences and feedback with all of us :slight_smile:

It’s here! Got it fired up and getting ready to explore.

More later!

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Not to overstate the excitement level here, but I’ve already doubled my normal daily caffeine consumption - 1 cup → 2cups.

You won’t be hearing much more - if anything - from me today.


Haha just keep it easy man! “Fresh pots!”


P.S.: You actually share the name, so pay special attention hahahah

Caffeine. That’s the point. My sister-in-law once said to me - “oh, it’s cold. I’ll throw this out and make a fresh pot.” As any self-respecting java junkie would do I screamed “NOOOO! It’s got CAFFEINE in it!”

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My mantra is “CAFFEINE!”

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Not really a “java junkie” here - my experience with java is a bit short - but I must agree on that…maybe as a Portuguese guy…maybe there’s any correlation between Portuguese and “java junkie” (some Portuguese reach like 7 coffees per day…we drink the kind of “shot” coffee, but please don’t call it “Expresso” haha)…I don’t know, but maybe other Portugues(es) that hang around here can answer better (you know who you are haha)

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7 seems reasonable!

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Dear Dave Parker @Dave_Parker,

i hope you enjoy your 7 CAFFEINE and your Mod dwarf.

In the meantime this topic found a new home in the
Contribute → General Questions & Feedback category, if you don’t mind.

Greetings and God bless, Marius