Dwarf Input Distortion

Hi, New user of Dwarf here, just got my first couple of Gen patches loaded which is incredible! However - on loading the last one, a kind of resonator bank, the audio inputs on the dwarf have become heavily distorted, with the input LEDs constantly blinking.

I though I could try to delete the files relating to the resonator bank but I don’t know how to access them…

Any thoughts on what I can do?


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We have a fix for that coming in v1.12, which will be out in a couple of days at max.
We can give you an early beta build if you wish, otherwise just wait a few more days for the public release.

The issue happens randomly on boot, so keep powering off an on the unit and eventually it will be ok again.
With the upcoming v1.12 it always boots correctly.


@falkTX Thanks for the reply, turned it on again this morning and it was working. Looking forward to v1.12.