Dwarf Screen going blank/freezing

—Screen on my dwarf goes blank, buttons, leds, and knobs do not function. Have to unplug the device to reset it.

  1. Click Footswitches B and C to pull up pedalboards
  2. Click Footswitches A and B to pull up tuner
  3. Click Footswitches A and B to exit tuner
  4. Screen goes blank, A and B leds are lit up, everything is unresponsive

Should be able to use tuner at any time and return to previous screen

Running latest version of 1.10

Running Windows 10

Hey @Keredallen did this happen only once or keeps happening?
Have you updated to the 1.10.2?

It happened 3 times and haven’t been able to reproduce it since. I was on 10.2 but just upgraded to 10.3 just now

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Let us know if it happens again. If not, probably was some weird issue that somehow got fixed.