[Dwarf] Unable to create a new pedalboard


  • Turned on my Dwarf
  • launched WEB GUI
  • last used pedalboard was successfully loaded and working
  • clicked on New pedalboard
  • this error happened
  • now I’m unable to load any other pedalboard from the WEB GUI (even after a reboot), same error appears
  • then closed the WEB GUI and rebooted again the Dwarf
  • once rebooted I changed pedalboard from the Dwarf (without launching WEB GUI)
  • now everything seems working correctly

Additional information

Open the controller menu (hold left knob down), navigate to Info > Versions and write down here the version.

  • release: v1.10.2.2336

this is a new one…
does it keep happening?
or was a one-time-only event?

Happened first time today. It seems working now. I will report it if will happen again.

One thing I noticed is I was launching the WEB GUI with the previous version as URL parameter (old saved bookmark)


instead of


From now on I will use http://moddwarf.local/

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that should not make a difference. on load the webserver checks if the version matches and does a redirect as needed.
the only time it keeps the version argument is when running MOD stuff on desktop, because there is no real “version” of MOD system available to read.

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