Effect Loop with blend knob Plugin?

I will fully admit that I am likely missing something that already exists, but here is my question…

Is there a plugin I could use “easily” to blend one effect (like distortion or the Drop plugin) with the clean signal? I know about the ability to run multiple cables out of, and into, a plugin.

I am currently using plugins like “Switchbox” which lets me go from clean signal to a blended signal easily…but my issue with doing that is when using “Switchbox” as the effect on-off switch, then the light on my physical footswitch is always on and always the same color (green). So I don’t know, just by looking, if the effect is on or not.

I am also trying ones like “Stereo X-F” which seems to blend super well, but overall seems to bring the overall volume down when it is blending?

I do know that I can easily use Gain plugins to adjust blends, but that is adding more pedals to the pedalboard. I guess I’m wondering if there is a Plugin similar to a pedal I have a One-Control mosquito blender.

Anyways, I will get things set up in to get what I want, but I was just checking to see if I’m missing something, or if not, I could put an idea out there?

The Stereo Crossfade plugin actually has a second control that controls the volume curve of the fade. You can set it to be logarithmic for a more even volume level when fading over.

I think you can achieve what you want by using that control.



Yup, the day after I post my question, I retry things and they work the way I thought they should!

I don’t know what I was doing when I tried Stereo Cross Fade the first time, but it reduced the combined volume of both signals (when they were mixed) to the point of the mixed output being quieter than before I would mix them?

So yeah, your suggestion works for what I wanted, I am now just curious as to what I did wrong when I tried to use it before my initial post. LOL

Thanks for response!


For reference, I reported that issue in LED display with switchbox.