Encoder click function

Are the encoder buttons (when you push on an encoder so it clicks) actually tied to some function?
On the mod duo these were used to switch between the menu pages. A long press was used to access the system menus. Since on the dwarf these functions are already handled by the soft buttons you could use them for something else.

How about a possibility to mapping the encoder assignments directly from the dwarf, without the need for a second device?

A long click could be used to access the mapping menu. Since the possible targets for the mapping are kind of abundant on an average pedalboard, you could group them by device. Like when I press the encoder long I first get a list with all the pedals which are already on the pedalboard. This list I can browse through. Another click would select the pedal and give me all the possible targets for the encoder.

The first problem I see here would be multiple instances of the same plugin (e.g. the tiny gain, which I use at least 5 times on my main board). During normal mapping procedures I would give every tiny gain plugin its own name when mapping it to an encoder. To improve usability of the described process you would probably need to give every instance of the plugin an own id while building your pedalboard on a web browser so you can differentiate between them in the new mapping menu.

Why would I need this feature? I often find myself at my rehearsal place without a notebook or tablet wanting to change just this one single encoder parameter I totally forgot about when building my pedalboard.

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Currently, when you push and hold the encoder button, you can turn it. This gives you faster change of the parameter than turning without holding it.

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By the second device do you mean a computer to access the WebGUI?
Not sure what is in the roadmap to achieve it (and I don’t know if it’s anything like what you suggested), but I can tell you that one of the goals we want to achieve with the Dwarf is the ability to not need the WebGUI to build your pedalboard. So you can get it done just using the device and, as you said, in a rehearsal room where you didn’t take your laptop. You can see that goal already on the “Save PB” button on the Dwarf.


@Stevie Thanks for pointing this out. I did not know that. Using this function some times during the last weeks I can’t say this is an ergonomic way to do this. I’m quite used to encoder buttons opening or changing some sort of menu item when being pressed and not changing the whole behaviour of the encoders rotation.

@jon This is quite more than I asked for, but you’re right, it’s going the same direction. I’m really looking forward to this development!

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