Ever lasting beta plugins?

I can see a lot of beta plugins but only little progress with them. As a user it is nice to test out new and experimental stuff but it feels weird if it stays experimental forever.

Should I rely on it or not? Why is it beta at all? Are there any known issues? Does it just need someone who makes a GUI for it?

It would be cool if there would be more transparency about this.


Full agreement.
And: There are some beta plugins which do not even have inputs/outputs. So I wonder about the sense.

Some of those will stay in beta forever until someone steps up to take care of them.

We are moving full speed with the “Labs” side of the plugin store, that will allow developers to manage and push plugins to the store without having to deal with the someone from the MOD team manually approving things.

In my own case, I hope to start maintaining zynaddsubfx in Labs. Making a full modgui would be too complicated, but it is possible to expose the OSC port on the modgui, so that one can connect with the desktop application to it. Since v1.10 will support the lv2 state extension, this means whatever changes are made via desktop zyn->mod plugin will be saved and persistent. :slight_smile:


Is there an overview page like https://pedalboards.moddevices.com/beta-plugins or on github/… where you can also see how active the development of a $plugin is?


Why are plugins still listed in the beta area if they are no longer - maybe since years - developed to get into the official plugin store?
In this case a beta plugins overview homepage would be useful for the user to make his own assessment.

because someone might have a use for them.
also the “beta” is not officially supported anyway. sometimes we have plugins there because they just come from a bigger collection of plugins. it is quite some work to try all plugins in a big collection to see which ones are okay and which are not… so uploading the whole thing it is, because out of 6 bad ones there might be a gem.
this is just my opinion though. and again, the “beta” plugins are not officially supported.

another thing to consider (this is just an example) is that it gives us a nice overview of what is possible. there might be a beta plugin that is very good, but crashes if we do X or Y. while not usable, it already tells us there is a great plugin available if we fix the crashes.

back when we published all these plugins to the store, we could not predict which ones would be good and which ones “bad”. so we uploaded them all behind an advanced-user-mode-only filter. then slowly moved plugins out of “beta” into “stable”.


I’m sitting with my mod duo x (which I love btw :heart:)
My uncle are using ZynAddSubFx on his laptop and we are trying to figure out how to put his samples on to the mod duo x. Is there a way of doing this? :slight_smile:

I would like to make a new post for this but I’m a new user, I’m not able to make new posts yet :slight_smile:

Let’s see this on v1.10, which will bring the needed extensions for zynaddsubfx to fully work on the unit.
From my tests, it is possible to connect the full desktop UI over OSC to an instance running on the MOD unit.
I have some previous work for it done in https://github.com/moddevices/mod-lv2-data/commits/zyn-modgui-fixes

By having the modgui show the OSC port used for the plugin/DSP-side, we can know it and put it on the desktop UI startup tool.
At least with the zyn-fusion UI type, it is just a matter of running in the desktop:

/usr/lib/zynaddsubfx/zest --uri osc.udp://
# or whatever osc port applies instead of 5555