EXP to CV Adapter

A while back, I built an adapter to take a 10K Expression pedal and convert it to CV (0-5v). I know this isn’t useful for Dwarf and Duo users at the moment, but might be of use to DuoX users.

I didn’t see a way to attach a schematic here, but I can provide a KiCAD schematic if anyone is interested. You could modify it to match the pots on your own expression pedal.


could be very useful! i’ll dm my email for the schematic!

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Clean! nice work man


Hi there, Yes, schematics would be massively appreciated! Stripboard layout would be worshiped, if there is any. Cheers

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I haven’t made a computer-generated layout yet, but here’s the drawing I made to build the second one (the first one was terrible). I’m not sure how useful this drawing is, but it’s what I’ve got at the moment :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s an image of the schematic, too. If anyone wants the actual KiCAD files, you can still DM me.