Explanation of input and output level settings

Was wondering if anyone could explain the input and output level settings under the left knob long press menu? Would be great to get some details on the meaning of the settings, the hardware underneath and tips or gotchas when making adjustments.

This is a great question. It would be great to hear what the intentions were from the MOD team.

I don’t know if I’m actually doing it right but this is what I’m currently doing.
Input - Using the the controls on the DUO, I set a level so that it went orange/yellow when I play the loudest.
Output - I set it to 0db (wide open). On my pedalboard I use the Gain plugin at the end of my chain and assign it to a knob. Two reasons I do this - 1. I’m finding that each plugin’s output works differently. Depending on how you are using the effect you can lose level and the level knob doesn’t increase enough or the level is so hot… So I use the Gain plugin to cut/boost in many places. 2. It’s faster to access the output level if I have it assigned to a knob.

I’m interested in how others are dealing with their input and output levels.


Gianfranco actually talked a little bit about the inputs/outputs levels and the LED colors in this blog post http://blog.moddevices.com/blog/2016/08/07/Gianfranco-shares-pedalboards.html

We are also planing on releasing another blog post where we talk just about the input/output level and how to set them for different needs.
The most important thing is to not have a blinking red LED light, to not create clipping sound.

I have noticed that the last versions of the software changed quite dramatically the settings for the inputs.

There used to be two different settings : one was a pick between three categories roughly corresponding to Mike level, phono level and line level, and the second one was a fine tuning option.

I remember also that the Mod was supposed to be able to automatically pick the relevant category based on the input level it was getting from whatever was plugged in.

Now there seems to be only a value expressed as a percentage.

So what would be the typical setting corresponding to the old categories. Can the Mod still automatically pick the best value from the input ?

@falkTX ?

Hi @Azza,

The in/output settings of the Duo did indeed change quite a bit, though its only a new way of presenting what is happening in the device.

With the old way gains where controlled, it was possible to get the same levels on different stages with the fine adjust. The big reason for us to change this overlap was that not every setting would result in the best SNR or distortion.

We have carefully measured all stages and decided on a few optimal switching points which are now presented in a single control. if you are really interested, you can ssh into the device and actually see these switching points in the alsamixer. :slight_smile:

Regarding automatically detecting gain settings, this has never been a feature of the Duo(X) and I also don’t think it will be in the future.


Thanks for that great explanation