Exponential knob / List select

Hi, I have two feature requests that may be helpful. If you prefer me to split them into two different topics, tell me and I’ll edit them up.

1- Exponential mapping of a CV input

When I’m controlling a parameter in Hz (be it a cut off value or a LFO/VCO frequency), I couldn’t find a way to easily map my knob in a way that is performance-friendly.
I think the easiest way to solve this would be to add an option to the CV Parameter module to either output the signal linearly (untransformed) or exponentially.

2- List select for button

For context: imagine I’m using a delay which has a list of divisions assignable to a button (2, 2T, 1., 1, 1T, …etc…).
When playing live, I would sometimes be able to instantly go from one division to another. Except when using the button (or the endless knob) the module also adopts the intermediate values when I’m trying to go from one to the other (say I’d like to go from 1/2 to 2 for a drastic slow down effect to open up space).

When assigning an iterable to an endless button, being able to turn the knob through the list, but only locking the new value with a single click from this knob.


Sorry for the late reply.
But just wanna to tell you that both of them were saved on our features request list :wink:
Ah! And also no need to split them into two topics. It’s fine this way

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#1 also applies to the use of the CV input with an expression pedal – it needs to be switchable to exponential to be most useful.