Expression pedal changing multiple parameters


I’m hoping that when the expression pedal comes out we will be able to change multiple parameters at the same time like what is shown in this video.


This could be a Really Great feature !!!

If the “MIDI learn…” for an expression pedal preserve the old map of a control in a plugin, and could be mapped to other control, or others, would be perfect.


one of the features I most liked about CC control on my Lexicon MPX-G2 was that the pedal could move the target parameter up or down - when you set the CC upper and lower values for the parameter, it didn’t matter which was the highest or lowest, it just moved smoothly between them… You could also set a mid point to alter the shape of the curve (or to have things go down then back up, or up then back down).

Both very very useful features, particularly when you had multiple parameters mapped to the same pedal - you could make some extraordinary things happen :slight_smile: