Expression pedal + footswitch extender


is there any update on when these orders will be shipped? Received the mod duo in April and have been restricted without these - had them in my original order.


Good footswitch for the MOD Duo

Hi @Liosbeg,

The footswitch extension is in production and expression pedal is in the development. We will send the updates to all the backers when we have the estimated shipment date.

Best wishes,



I know an update was promised when available but I’m sure many of us are getting REALLY curious and VERY MUCH looking forward to the expansion possibilities of these peripherals, any news at all or even production pics?

Please don’t take this as being pushy… more like wildly enthusiastic :wink:


Hello dear all,

Latest picture of the footswitch extension - a working prototype already :slight_smile:


Any update coming soon for footswitch extended?


Yeah, an update would be great :slight_smile:


+1 :grin:


Hey guys

Slow front this one. We’re doing all remotely with China…

I am in touch with the supplier and the last report from yesterday was that the enclosures samples were already on the laser engraving and would then be shipped.

There will be some work done once the samples arrive in order to guarantee a correct assembly. I simply was not able to explain the assembly process via email and without a sample to show…

More news soon



Thanks for the update @gianfranco! Without asking for any precise availability dates, please could you give a rough idea of whether these are likely to be available in the next

  • 3 months?
  • 6 months?
  • 1 year?
  • 2 years?

This will help us decide whether it is worth spending money on other MIDI footswitches and expression pedals. Thanks!


Hi everyone

The footswitch samples arrived today and they look very good.

As any hardware developed in this way - supplier overseas - there are details to sort out, but the overall is quite good.

Test results coming very soon


Hi @aspiers

Forecast to ship the Footswitch is January 2017.


Wow, cool thanks! What do these offer over a standard MIDI footswitch, and how can we pre-order? :slight_smile:


Our main advantage is ease-of-use

As you plug it gets instantly recognized. Also, it offers full support for all types of variables we use - continuous, exponential, integer, enum. lists, etc)

Last, but not least, it offers real monitoring, what we consider to be a must in the MOD ecossystem.


I’m not sure I fully understand but I’m sold anyway! Again, how can we pre-order? :wink:


There is a new website coming with pre-order options.

As soon as it is online we’ll inform here.

It is also wise to subscribe to the current website’s mailing list.


Thanks! Yes, I’m already subscribed to that :slight_smile:


I guess it’s to late to ask for some 6,3mm jack to be added to that foot switch, so one can attach an analog expression pedal? :wink:


Hi Bollie

That is quite late :frowning:

Nevertheless, the idea sounds interesting :wink:


May I ask what “real monitoring” is?

PS: The switch looks exceptionally professional! :+1: :+1: :+1:


of course @eggsperde

By real monitoring we mean a display per actuator showing the real parameter (event text strings depending on the control)

For me the lack of proper monitoring is by far the biggest drawback of MIDI controllers