Expression pedal + footswitch extender


I see thanks. I haven’t tested my DVP4 as a wah pedal yet, so this latency might be an issue for me too. Maybe the lag is coming from the SoftStep rather than the MOD Duo?


Any update on the status of the expression pedal?


Hi @gianfranco and @Maria_Giovanna ,

any update on the Expression pedals side :smiley: ?



Hi everyone

Sorry for the delays in responding here.

The Expression Pedals will go through the same process as the Footswitches - Beta Batch, etc - and the plan is to ship the Beta units in December. Our Christmas gift :slight_smile: .

I will soon open a topic in the forum to get some feedbacks on the pedal.

We apologize for the long delay. It is a very complex piece to do properly and we’re quite overloaded. Our company is growing and I can assure guys this is quite a beast to tame.


@gianfranco thanks for the update.
I really love the fact that the company is growing, and creating a sustainable eco-system.
Looking forward for Xmas :smiley:


Same here! Just that it’s on the way is almost like Christmas!

OK, the footswitches are awesome! Now ExPedal questions

Hi @gianfranco,

Is it still possible to be registered on the beta list to test the footswitch and/or the expression pedal?

Thanks for your answer!


The MOD footswitch beta test units are already gone.

We will make an announcement soon on the MOD footswitch product launch and on the beta test of the MOD expression pedal.

Stay tuned :wink:


Stay tuned? I’ve been trying for years to GET tuned…

What’s the latest on the EXPedal?


Is anyone else attentive?


Are you referring to this “Expression pedal update” thread?

This message:

Hi @Dave_Parker,

We have had to go back to the drawing board for the expression pedal. It’s not been easy to make something that goes beyond the average pedals, with more use cases and functionalities.

We will have details in the second quarter of this year.

Just a little more patience :slight_smile:

tells me they’re making good progress.

So far I’m pretty impressed with this project. They’re not the first to fall a little short on the scheduled ‘deliverables’. I spent 28 years or so in corporate IT and independent consulting, so I’ve been involved in probably more than my share of missed deadlines.

Given that they’ve delivered on 2 out of 3, I have nothing but high expectations for the expression pedal. I’d rather have a delay than a misfire.


very attentive for sure :smiley:


We are in the third quarter, but I think they have replaced attention to the DuoX project. I can not say I’m satisfied.


I can’t disagree with your point. As an ex-techie, I can understand the importance of integrating all the parts and ensuring that they can effectively communicate.

An update every once in awhile would be appreciated, however!


Hi All.

Any news about Expression Pedal ??
Still waiting for some information.


Hi there, just a quick update on the Expression Pedal as we are in the last week of Q3. Next week we will release the official rendering of the Expression Pedal, announce the name and price, give you an update on the production process, will announce the final shipment date and will also open the pre-sale for those who have not yet pre-ordered during the Kickstarter campaign. Bare with us for one more week and watch out for a detailed announcement in the coming days.


Any idea yet when the kickstarter editions will ship?



Like I posted yesterday, we will announce all the details next week.


Thanks Ronny!


Hi everyone

Following up on @MOD_Ronny’s latest inform, we are finally kicking off the production of the MOD Expression.

Delivery is scheduled for December. I’ll keep you posted here on the development of the production.

There are many reasons for the many delays but I believe everyone is much more interested in the product itself, so let’s see it :slight_smile:

The MOD Expression is sort of “a foot version for one of the MOD Duo’s controlling combos (Encoder / Foot / Display / LED) with some added spices”.

It contains:

  • 1 rocking pedal (the expression element)
  • 1 external footswitch (left side of pedal)
  • 1 internal footswitch (under the pedal, in the front section)
  • 1 navigating footswitch (near the display) - works similar to the push of the knob on the MOD Duo, but applied to the pedal. With it you’ll be able to change the parameter being controlled by the pedal.
  • 1 big 128x64 LCD display + 2 RGB LEDs for monitoring and info.

Here is a rotation:

And here is another:

Some other quick facts:

  • Contruction is 100% aluminum with stainless steel bolts.
  • The footprint matches the MOD Duo (both units are 160mm long) .
  • Real gear coupling for transmission of rotation from Pedal to Potentiometer.
  • Design aimed towards easy maintenance.

We are super proud here :wink: