Expression pedal + footswitch extender


Awesome… I did not know that want this, but I do! :smiley:

How many attenuators can be controlled by one Arduino Shield? I think, I would like to build a (very basic) controller with it.


Outstanding! And this answers a question for me - size of the footswitch. Looks like everything will fit on my current pedalboard!


that looks great :slight_smile:
@gianfranco are the pedalboard still for January you think ? and also is there any news for the expression pedal ?


Any updates on the status of the footswitch extension and the expression pedal?



@Dave_Parker +1!

I agree, my old back is getting tired of bending down and scrolling through banks between songs :laughing:


I understand the footswitches are well on their way and fairly complete other than final testing and QC, I’m curious if the expression pedal has moved from ‘development’ to any sort of production yet? Will it also be outsourced to China or built in Berlin?


Hi guys

Yes. The footswitch is still expected for January, albeit by the end of the month. We already paid for and the supplier is working towards shipping before Chinese New Year.

The expression pedal was halted by me :frowning:

Mechanically it is quite a complex device to produce (compared to the footswitch or even the Duo itself) and I want to make sure the supplier can handle it. It will also be done in China. Doing it in Germany does not seem to be the way to go otherwise price will be prohibitive.

As we have quite some Expression Pedal kits from the Quadra times - the electronics don’t work with the Duo - I am about to publish a hack that we do with it to use with an Arduino. We can provide units for the interested ones :wink:

This month of January is a bit hectic - 3rd Duo batch, Footswitches, Arduinos and NAMM on top of it - but as soon as I come back from NAMM I will move on with the Expression pedal.



Fantastic news! Can’t wait…


Does the arduino hack for the Quadra expression pedal require soldering? I’m a real klutz when it comes to that.


It requires a bit of soldering, depending on how detachable you want to make it :wink:

Detachable potentiometer and footswitch (there is one inside the quadra expression pedal, just like on a crybaby wah) means a bit more soldering.

I can send you a picture of the DIY arduino shield that I made for this if you are interested.



Any info about the dimensions of the footswitch and expression pedal?


I’ll probably wait for the ModDuo expression pedal, but yes, send it to me. If it’s simple enough I’ll probably give it a try.



Hey, sorry i might be getting impatient, but any word on possible shipping dates for the footswitch? :slight_smile:


@Dave_Parker is the info for the hack posted somewhere, like you I’ll be waiting for the expression pedal, but if there’s a way to do something until then :smiley:


I haven’t seen it posted anywhere. I’m going to just wait for the expression pedal and use my existing dunlop crybaby in the meantime.



OK… it’s March, starting to book summer shows, will we have footswitches? :wink:


@jesseverhage i’d be interested in the specifics of the arduino shield aswell. I have one laying around here with nothing to do. :slight_smile: I’m mostly interested in the connection specifics between MOD and the Arduino, the rest i can figure out myself.


Hey @gianfranco, any chance of an update on the footswitch and expression pedal please? I did my first gig with my MOD Duo last week, and whilst it worked perfectly, I found it quite limiting without an expression pedal and only 2 stomps.

I totally understand that design and production of new hardware is often subject to unexpected delays, especially when manufacturers in other countries are involved, so you won’t hear me complaining about the wait, even if I am very impatient to give you money for these devices :wink: However it would be great if we could have a quick update every month or two, since this helps us decide whether it’s worth looking into alternative options such as generic MIDI controllers.

I am also particularly interested if there was an development on this discussion:

For example, I just discovered the very nicely compact Dunlop DVP4 volume pedal which can double as an analogue expression pedal. It would be awesome if I could use that to control MOD Duo plugin parameters! :slight_smile:

Thanks for any info you can share!


+1 Hope good progressing are being made.
Somehow I thought the really hard piece would be the duo itself, not so much the peripherals.
I suspect production issues more than technical ones, maybe ?


Hi @leDamien!

We are expecting the peripherals to arrive today. :slight_smile:

They will be shipped within this week!



Here are the dimensions of the Footswitches so that you guys can start the placement design of your pedalboards :wink:

MOD Duo dimensions - MOD Devices Blog