Expression pedal + footswitch extender


Really Good News !!!

Congratulations for you @gianfranco and for this Great Team !!!

Can´t wait to use it, and put on the road…


YESSSS! Can’t wait to get mine :smiley:


@gianfranco Glad to see the expression pedal finally come to fruition!
Can you confirm that the Kickstarter backers who ordered one back in 2014 will be receiving this?


I just got the email. I ordered one!


Yes @Dan

We will soon be contacting all KS backers for address updates.


Congratulation to the team for achieving this.
I’m really impressed and touched by the passion you’ve put there to create each element.
The expression pedal is way better than I imagined, It really feels like it was worth the wait.
Looking forward !!!


This pedal looks better than what I could have ever imagined it to be. I know many of us were pushing for it to be done, but I’m glad @gianfranco and the team didn’t stop designing until it was something better than just good enough. It’s got more functionality than I could have ever imagined. I can’t wait to get it and work with it!


Cool. I liked the design, congratulations. Concerning the Kikstarter’s initial shipments, will they be shipped in early December? Will the product undergo a beta test?
I have been a MOD investor since its beginning and I suffer without the two peripherals … I can not wait to have the family complete.


The pedal really does look great and the design with the function toggle switch seems super useful. My only gripe is that it doesn’t come in unpainted metal to match my original Duo :wink:


Oh wow… that is a great design and looks worth the wait!


Just ordered the Expression pedal… can’t wait!
Does December refer to all (pre-)orders or just to the kickstarter backers?


@gianfranco I was wondering if there was any update on the production side ?
My understanding is that it might not be shipped in December, is that correct ?


Yup curious on timing if this one. Thx


Personally, I’d be okay waiting until after the first of the year, given the proliferation of ‘porch pirates’ in my neighborhood. They’ll still be around after Christmas, but they’re out in force now…


I would like to get mine before heading to NAMM…


Greetings everyone

I am writing to update you on the production of the MOD Expression.

We announced in October that we were kicking off the production of the MOD Expression with the target of delivering in December. I, unfortunately, must inform you that we are dealing with some unforeseen production delays.

As it is, of course, this asks for an explanation, which I will do the best to provide to all of you who have once again supported MOD in our quest for cooler and better devices.

As with the Footswitch, the entire production of our peripherals is handled in China (mechanical + electrical components + assembly + deploy), once we triggered production, the supplier gave us a timeline that would fit into 2018.

The first process - and the most longstanding - is the tooling of mechanical parts. Because we thrive for novelties and our devices have no current parallels on the market, one needs to produce even the tools that will be used to produce the parts. In the case of the Expression, this is extra tricky because the assembly is not static, but a moving mechanism - the product needs to move. Therefore, many “assembly adjustments” that usually are possible with static devices, in this case, are not.

As I explained earlier on, I made the choice of using mechanical gears for the coupling of the rocking pedal and the potentiometer. I love gears due to the precision they offer, and I wanted a pedal without looseness - or hysteresis as we say in the trade - in the up-and-down movement. We all have already used sloppy pedals which lacked precision and if we are going to release our own Expression Pedal, it has to be absolutely accurate.

If you are a long-time MOD user, you know we do sacrifice time on behalf of quality because the quality is going to accompany you, not for years, but decades; if everything we design is reflected in the final product.

The delay we are getting right now is related to the tooling of the enclosure. Specifically to the perfect coupling of the gears. The samples we got so far are allowing too much clearance between the two gear elements and that is, as you already know, unacceptable.

Next steps are to decide if we continue trying for perfect samples or if we keep the tooling as it is and move for a redesign of the new gear couple. The gears supplier is not the same as for the rest of the device and a lot of “blaming” and “finger pointing” happens in this kind of situation. That said, in order to pull the device out, I need to reduce variable, sticking to one result and adapting the rest to it.

This process has unfortunately deviated the estimated time of our original forecast. There is a new set of samples underway. Once these pieces are in our hands, we’ll proceed with the adaptations in order to kick-off the mass production. At that point, we’ll have a deterministic timeline to share with you all.

As always, thank you for your patience and your understanding. Putting out new and innovative products is both exciting and nerve-wracking, as there always is a certain unknown dimension which comes with its share of risks. We will be back with an update in January, so stay tuned. Wishing you warm and happy holidays.




@gianfranco – thanks a lot for this… i was happy to see this directly by email as well.

from my point of view, it’s great news that quality is paramount and that you’re willing to dig in to solve manufacturing problems as they arise. getting new product manufacturing off the ground is not easy; i’m much more interested in quality than in speed of delivery.

as always, communication is key! so this open and detailed note from you is all the reassurance i need.

enjoy the holidays… cheers!


Great news. The project as originally planned was pretty ambitious, and the changes to the expression pedal were huge. I think the expression pedal is the most impressive of the three products, given the blending of the electronic and mechanical.

I’m excited to get all three products in hand and build my ‘ultimate pedal board’!


Thanks for your answer, it clearly shows you have the right focus.
And the Mod Duo proves it well for anyone doubting :smiley:


Any updates?