Expression pedal + footswitch extender


Been playing a bit this week end, trying out so some new plugins, great product and community really !
@gianfranco any updates on this front ?
(I’m so looking forward getting rid of my current volume pedals :smiley: )
thanks !


Same here! What’s happening?


i’m not the impatient type, but an update would be nice.

i get you are focusing on the mod X release, but a quick “state of the mess” would be much appreciated!


Yes it would!!!


Hi guys

I am finishing an update to release this week.

Hold tight.




Hi Gianfranco, how is your week going? Still holding tight… :smile:


sorry. I had to extinguish a fire with another product.

I am wrapping it up right now :wink:


Hahaha… since the glory Kickstarter times you’re the most dedicated update procrastinator and writer I know! No comments for ages and then BAM!!!: Apologies, pictures and lots of news. It’s been a great read again. Thanks a lot for that!


I wish I could be a more prolific writer but, as time passed, I have came to the conclusion that I need a sort of “stress threshold” that triggers the necessary emotional state required for writing proper updates.

It’s kind of my own art form :wink:


Great that you made that public, @gianfranco! I am sure that some fellow forum members will help to hit your stress threshold. :smiley:

But I totally get what you mean – I almost wrote five years on my PhD thesis. There was always another source to add, some results to wait for, or some figure to improve. Nevertheless, I think you are a prolific and great writer … with a tendency to overuse the word “soon”). How did I recognise it? I did it, too. :laughing: