Expression pedal options for the Dwarf

Hi everyone,

As some of you may know, we are developing an expression pedal to be used with our devices. You may also know that it is pretty far behind schedule.

I want to assure you that we are still working hard to bring it to you as soon as possible. You can check the Expression pedal update topic for more info.

In the meantime, since many people are already using the Dwarf, I thought I could start a topic to share some already available options for Midi expression pedals and expression to midi adapters at different price points. Feel free to contribute if you know some more

Beat Bars Expression pedal to MIDI adapter - €59.90
Meris MIDI I/O MIDI Interface - €108
MIDI Solutions Pedal to MIDI Converter - €133
Boss EV-1-WL Wireless Expr. Pedal - €169
Beat Bars MIDI Expression Pedal EX3 - €169.90

The MOD Expression pedal will make use of the Control Chain protocol which will allow for higher resolution control compared to midi. If you are so technically inclined, you can also make your own Control Chain expression pedal using the Control Chain Arduino shield however we don’t expect this to be apealing to everyone. I hope this helps


I successfully use MeloAudio Midi Commander (or Harley Benton MP100) which is a footswitch controller with two expression pedals input. It has also a fan made firmware now


I should also mention I used to use the Behringer fcb1010 with the Uno chip mod but I must say that the response of the expression pedals was pretty bad even after calibration

That’s pretty standard for behringer lol



Thank you for your efforts!

I already tried going the Control Chain Arduino shield way some time ago, but the documentation is still not successfully cloneable, see Arduino shield information/git incorrect

@falkTX meant that the documentation will be updated with the release of the expression pedal about a year ago.

If there are other starting points, I’m happy if you let me know.

Thank you!


this should work, no? it seems like it would send midi data, but it also looks passive… hmmm maybe not


I’m using it too, with the MeloAudio expression pedal too. For me it’s enough.


I can help you with this.
I’m personally building one converter and discovered a few bugs on the current version of the library that managed to fix and get a workaround (although the developers are aware and will fix it when possible).
In really short, you should use something like version 1.8.0 of the Arduino IDE (download it here) to upload the firmware into your Arduino.
This will make the Control Chain library work properly and with this, your MOD device will recognize the Arduino Shield as a Control Chain device.
If for any reason it recognizes and immediately says that it was disconnected you should re-install the TimerOne Library (using “Manage Libraries” on the Arduino IDE).
This is not the most elegant way to get it working but it works and for now will give us some more time to fix the library.

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They’re a bit hard to find these days, but a Source Audio Reflex should work nicely too.