Expression pedal : showing percentage on the screen

When a midi or ControlChain controller (like an expression pedal or any potentiometer) is moving a parameter, there is now no way to see it on the Dwarf the exact amount this parameter is moving.

Could it be possible to have a full screen percentage when something is moving ?
It could be activated via a checkbox in the advanced panel ?

Ecran ModDwarf - pourcentage


how many times can i LIKELIKELIKELIKE this!!! :heart_eyes:
yes please!!


Personally quite like the ideal. Basically getting more dynamic and more informative screens.
Theoretically, I believe it can be possible. I will map it :wink:


This is an awesome suggestion. And I’ve also realized that it would be extremely handy when MIDI is assigned to something like a pedal on/off toggle that the change is shown on the screen exactly the same as if the device footswitched is being used. I have an external controller toggling things like Gaffa and reverb and it would be so helpful to have that immediate visual feed back instead of just hoping that I stomped correctly! So I guess @Rom’s suggestion would cover this and it could be turned on in the advanced panel as well…