Expression pedals - are they shipping?

I received my DUO today, but I also ordered an expression pedal. Are they shipping yet?

We will.

The Arduino and the Footswitch production are underway. The Expression will come right after.

Just let me clarify the “underway” part of Gian’s message. It’s going to production right now, we expect to ship in 4-6 weeks.
We apologize of course for any inconvenience this delay caused but we had to focus 100% on the MOD Duo to make sure it shipped properly.

Hope you guys understand…



Are there any significant changes in the peripherals (switches and expression pedals) since the Kickstarter? For instance have any things that have been learned throughout the production of the MOD influencing changes to the accessories?

Yes @GMaq

It actually happened to all products but the Arduino Shield.

The Footswitch was conceived quite recently when compared to the Expression Pedal and most of the changes were releated to construction, once we found suppliers that offered better solutions that we had in Brazil. Albeit still a sheet metal enclosure - and not DieCast aluminum as the MOD Duo - the Footswitch will be constructed using the same “Top Single Piece Container + Flat bottom cover” as the MOD Duo. We’ll have images of the samples soon.

The Expression Pedal is whole different story. The original design had lots of flaws, from conception to construction, and thus has been enormously redesigned.

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Any news about Expression ??

Soon we will be able to show and tell.

Just a little bit more patience :slight_smile: