Fancy pedalboard on TPS

Hi guys,

Yesterday I saw this on The Pedal Show:
I immediately thought this would be easy to make as a pedalboard with a Dwarf. I don’t (yet) have a Dwarf so it’s more of a guess to me. What do you think?

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That looks wild!

If I was to make something like this it would be great to package it up into some sort of way to make it movable between pedalboards.

Almost like a build your own pedal wrapper from other pedals.


I would say that yes, it is totally possible since you can put multiple instances of each plugin/pedal.
I would suggest you take a look at our pedalboards website and check around some effects to start preparing and getting inspired :wink:

I would suggest you keep your attention high, maybe on one of the next updates you will get good news :wink:

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I know that it can take multiple instances of any device. But maybe my question was not clear enough. I meant if that same setup is possible without cpu hog. Unfortunately I don’t have a Dwarf so I cannot test it. And I have listened to all pedalboadrs on the forum. There are only a few that would inspire me. With most of them I think more is less.
I want to use it for guitar. Clean sounds are OK to me but as soon as there is an overdrive or distortion used, it sounds like the first digital modellers that came out. Very dissapointing…

Yes, I would say that it depends on the type of plugins that you want to use (and the amount of them). Some require more CPU, some others less. But this should be taken from a case-by-case perspective.
The Dwarf is quite powerful enough to handle multiple instances of pretty much any plugin available on the platform at this time.