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Am I the only one too stupid to figure out how to add a plugin to the favourites category?

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Hello @Quelsemme,

thanks for asking this question.
If you click on the i icon inside the mod duo web UI you get to the description of the plugin.
You then can mark the plugin as favourite if you click on the star icon to the right of the plugin name.

Hope that helps

Greetings and God bless you, Marius


Will check again. I swear I looked there!

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It works! Legend!
(I feel so dumb)

Don’t feel dumb. UI-wise the Dwarf is sometimes extremely vague. There’s an awful lot of hunting around you have to do.

It will probably be a bit less vague if you read the manuals on the wiki.

  • WebGUI guide here
  • Dwarf User Guide here
  • Dwarf Tech Specs here
  • Dwarf Device Settings here
    (some of the pages are still a work in progress).
    I also found that there’s no clear info there on how to add a plugin to the favorites, so I created a little task for me to fix that in the wiki. If you find anything else that is missing, please let me know.