Feature request: Assign footswitches to multiple actions


Sometimes, it would be really useful to have a single footswitch control multiple pedals. Footswitches are a limited resource on the mod duo, even with the extension pedal and I often find there are things that I would expect to be able to do with a single switch that actually take up multiple switches.

For example:

Controlling mono pedals in a stereo setup

e.g. the new cab sims are only mono, so you have to run two in parallel for a stereo setup, but then you can’t turn them on or off in a single press.

Turning on two pedals at once

e.g. sometimes there’s a delay and a reverb that I’d only use together, it would be nice to be able to toggle them with one switch. (you can use the switch-box for this to re-route the signal, but then you hit the mono/stereo problem above, and the pedals have to be in a single block)

Toggling between two pedals

e.g. an overdrive and a fuzz. (again, this can sometimes be solved by the switch box if they are in the same place in the signal chain)

Some of this can be solved with presets. The problem I have with doing this is that when I’m using the duo in a live situation, I have various parameters that I tweak during soundcheck (mainly eq). Switching presets will override these changes so I tend to use a single preset and stick to toggling pedals on and off.


So, there’s an interesting line in the source for the footswitch firmware:

What does actuator_config.max_assignments actually do? Can I simply recompile my footswitch firmware with that set to 4?