Feature Request: Global pre- post- effects?

Hey Guys,

I was thinking about some of the things I struggle with pedalboard-wise and it got me thinking that a global pre- and post- group of effects would be a cool feature. That may not be so clear to picture, but think of it as configurable signal chains that are ALWAYS present before the input jacks on the left and after the output jacks on the right. These could be configurable like any other pedalboard (including button and control assignments) and then the real pedalboard just drops in and uses the output of the global pre-processed signal chain as its inputs and outputs to the input of the global post-processing signal chain.

Why is this useful? Well, I have found there is always something I would like to have on pretty much every pedalboard (compression on input, global EQ and gain on output, I’m sure there are other use cases), and having to tweak the settings (like gain or EQ) within each pedalboard or preset to match room acoustics becomes tedious to re-adjust and persist.

It could be implemented as traditional pedalboards using the standard builder, and then these are saved into the pre- and post- pedalboard slots. Then other pedalboards can choose to use the pre- or post- processed signal, or to bypass these global modifiers and just use the hardware inputs and outputs.

Anyway, just a thought. On the surface it seems not that difficult to implement - just wrapping a UI on it in a sane way may be the most difficult thing.