Feature request: multiple downloads

I would like to be able to go through all the plugins I’d like, tick a box next to the plugin, and then hit download, and all the ones I’ve selected are automatically downloaded. At the moment I am selecting, downloading, waiting, then repeat to fade.
I’d like to be able to choose a load and go make a tea and come back :smile:

Also when going through other people’s boards, I’d like to be able to download from that page instead of having to wait for it to load, go to the pedalboard page, then save.

Also I’d like uploaded boards to automatically name themselves. Currently the name is on the library but when it goes to the pedalboard page I have to type it in and by then my old brain has forgotten the name of it :rofl:



Hey Gordon, on my opinion you have indeed here pretty nice suggestions.
I will save them for discussion with the team. Not promising anything and I let you know that it also depends on prioritization.
But again…thanks for the suggestions :slight_smile:

P.S.: not sure about the tea…it’s kind of complicated maths between your internet speed and how fast your cattle boils the water… the MOD is the least important variable here :grin:


Hahah thank Jon

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