Feedback for MIDI Learn

I think the key there would be some feedback that the Learn has happened… currently (unless my unit isn’t working as designed) you have to click ok, and sometimes even “Done” on the whole settings thing then reopen it to see what CC# got assigned… if that feedback was realtime it would help build the user confidence that they are doing things correctly.


Strongly agree with @joe10 - I found the lack of immediate feedback when the MIDI event is learnt really confusing, and it made it difficult to tell whether things were working or whether I had some misconfiguration (e.g. of my SoftStep MIDI controller).

There is a small feedback in the sense that you see the knob going dark/disabled on the settings page, and it starts moving as you move the hardware knob or switch.
Perhaps a small notification is useful? (like the ones for control chain added/removed)

ok so, v1.5 will have a small notification when a MIDI CC/pitchbend is learned.

it’s a quick way to have some feedback for now.