Fixed part, or subpatch

I would like to use Mod-Duo in live with an acoustic instrument.
I need a parametric EQ in order to set the sound of my instrument and to avoid feedbacks. This part has to be static for the whole concert and it depends of the hall, stage, position, distance from other mics and instruments… I have to set it during sound-check.
Then I need my signal to be treated whit several effects that I want to change with the footswitch (like we do with normal pedalboards in banks). Maybe this part is prepeared in advance
Than maybe I want a “static” part again, a reverb set accordingly the hall…

So, I’d like to have the possibility to save and recall just a “partial” pedalboard while other parts remain fixed without I have to store it on all my presets just before the concert.

Maybe it could be done with a “subpatch” in which it would be possible to load a pedalboard and change it with a footswitch?

I hope to have been clear in my question…

Unfortunatelly we do not have a “subpatch” solution in place.

But FYI, there are other similar requests from other users.

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I have been thinking of this type of thing too. There are certain things I want to stay for the duration of a gig but then be able to scroll through different pedalboards.

Something that may be doable is to have a phase switch in the input and/or output of the Duo. Switching the phase can fix many feedback issues with acoustic guitar. It can also be a good tool for when using multiple amps or using pedals in front/after the duo since some are known to flip the phase.

Is phase reversal something that can be controlled in the input or output?
That would be a global setting no affected by changing pedalboards.

Right now plugin presets don’t work that way. And i think they shouldn’t by design.
But if you’d introduce something like a “global preset”, that could work. But then you’d have to manage multiple presets (for example i have on all pedalboards: highpass, lowpass, gate, comp).

It’d be much more easy (to use not to engineer) to have two global “secondary” pedalboards, one for your input side (in my case h/l-pass, etc.) and one for the output side (for example dry/wet mix for acoustic instruments, depending on the room size)

But i also realize that might be more cpu-intensive.

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